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In a remote Finnish resort, a group of potential investors gather to enjoy the Arctic beauty and the mesmeric Northern lights. But many of the guests aren't who they appear to be, and everyone is hiding something--from the gaudy Americans to the adventurous German and Australian couple to the quiet Yakuza and his former Geisha wife.

Owner Mattais and his skeptical daughter, Aino, have ignored family legends, dismissing the warnings of honoring their ancient forest as silly, old-fashioned traditions. But when the guests start to be picked off one by one, their blood soaked in the snow, the old tales don't seem so far-fetched anymore. A spectre haunts the forest and the survivors must decipher who--or what--is taking revenge.



October 2023

March 2022

In far North Alaska, Sarah struggles with isolation and the endless sunlight of the summer sun. The presence of an oil company moving through her quiet valley has furthermore disrupted any hope for sleep, especially since she believes they have woken something deep beneath the frozen earth. Something that has burrowed beneath her home.

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