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January 20, 2019

Grad student Kelly Jones has had a hell of a week. She's gone through a breakup, a literal witch hunt, the gruesome murder of her aunt, and an unwise hookup with an Alpha wolf. Now, Kelly struggles through the trials of being a new witch and holding onto her own life as both her Coven and the amorous Alpha Will fight for control to keep her. They'll have to battle the witch hunters first if they want a piece of her.



June, 2020

There were three things I knew, 
Rhys Maddock's ultraviolent family was responsible for the downfall of mine.
Rhys and I had chemistry that bordered on obscene. 
I was most certainly going to have to kill him. 

After leaving the wolves and Will in the Wenatchi Tribal Caves, Kelly Jones is taken by her mother to learn the family trade and the secret to her father and why he was forced to leave his ancestral lands and home. 

Acting as the clueless and naive daughter of long lost Ewan Jones, Kelly is tasked with making her enemy fall in love with her before killing him and bringing down the drug running business of the Were clan that stole her father's legacy 

Sequel to Primal- recommended to be read first. 

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